Preschool Closed For Now & Registration Questions



Dear Preschool Families and Future Families,

Due to the closings of schools and businesses during this time, we are closed also. Hopefully for not long. While we are closed we are still checking our voicemail and emails. The best way to contact us is through email.

We will be staying in touch with our current families and hopefully this shut down will not last long. Teachers are working from home and will have information to send to you soon. While we are closed, we are still paying our bills and staff. Because our preschool is funded entirely through tuition and fundraisers, we are asking parents to continue to pay tuition. We will contact each of you about this soon.

Once we get the clear to reopen, we will make up as much of the time as we can. We hope you all will stay well and keep engaging the children. All learning isn’t just from classrooms! Our staff will help you along the way as we wade through this uncertain time in our World’s history.

As for registration, we will continue to register any new students but we will be unable to give tours until we can reopen. If you have any questions, please email us!


Ms. Missy, Ms. Betsy, Ms. Donna, Ms. Susan, Ms. Meredith and Ms. M!

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